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When using normal comments in WordPress, users can publish without having to login, just including name and email. Is it possible in Anspress to have users identified (name and email) to post a question, without having to log in to page? I only see the “anonymous” option or the “login-registered” option. Thank you very much.

Sorry did not understood

Disable anspress registration and substitute it just for two compulsory fields, name and email.


This requested is added to new features list, will be available in future version.


Has it been included in v. 2.2?? I can’t see it.

It should be easier just a simple identification rather than a login system, shoudn’t it?

No its not included, our form class need some big changes so postpone it for a while. I will notifiy you when its get done.

Ok, thanks. Having the users registered can lead to some legal problems (data protection laws), and this is why i just wanted that option.
It should be like anonymous comments, but with a compulsory field of email.