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Hello, I tried to adopt the page “Questions”, because I thought this is the one which is used to show asked questions. But If I modify the page “Questions” then I don’t see any changes if I click on a asked question. Where can I change the layout of the page which is used to show asked questions?
Please have a look at:
Thank you very much!

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AnsPress templates cannot be edited using a visual editor. Though base page and ask page layout can be edited but still content of shortcode cannot be edited.

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Hi Rahul, thanks for your answer. But how can I edit the “base page”? The “aks page” is this one, right?!
I could modify this, but I don’t find teh “base bage”.
Thank you

I thought that the default “Questions” page is the “base page”. I edit this page, but I don’t see any change if I click on an question. But I see an effect on:

Hello Rahul, do you have an advice for me?! Thanks

Hello Rahul, it would be great to get an advice?! Thank you very much!

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