404 on question detail page

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I have just installed your plugin in latest version on my WP site and am doing final tests. The permalinks to question detail pages is not working, here is the questions page:
The link to test question https://www.foss.blog/en/questions/question/questionghhfdsgh/ is giving me a 404.
This is set up with almost no modifications to the default settings. The setting for “Question slug” is “question” and “Question permalink” is set to “https://www.foss.blog/questions/question/question-name/”.
How do I mitigate this?
Also, it seems the question page does not work for anonymous users, When logged out the anspress block shows “There are no questions matching your query or you do not have permission to read them” but all reading permissions are set to “Anyone including non-loggedin”

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