4.1 Anspress JS Breaks Beaver Builder Page Builder

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The JS in asnpress is breaking Beaver Builder 2 sitewide. If I enable the feature in Anspress to only load it on anspress page only, Beaver Builder works properly, but layout when clicking into a question is completely broken.

This is a problem.

Beaver Builder 2 was recently released and will be pushed out to over 500k websites in 2 weeks or so.

Would love to see some code added to anspress to not load its JS when the beaver builder editor is active.



Sadly, this issue is not happening with me. Check video:


I think it may be related to the theme. Will you check if there is any error in browser console while trying to save?

I am planning on making a video on Anspress in the coming week, my YouTube channel has 33k subscribers.

Thank you. If you have any questions about AnsPress, please do not hesitate to contact me via email.

Just checked your channel, its awesome. ?

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