2.3-beta2 released – try and let us know

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Download AnsPress 2.3-beta2

Download Categories for AnsPress 1.3.6-beta

Download Tags for AnsPress 1.2.8-beta

Download AnsPress email 1.0.1-beta

[x] Show tags in user subscription page
[x] Improve categories page
[x] Tags page
[x] If answer is private do not notify others
[x] Close question after selecting if option enabled
[x] Notification as dropdown
[x] Redirect user to login page if non loggedin user try to visit profile
[x] Error message on description field is overlapped by upload field
[x] How to ask tab
[x] Add category and tags filter in question list
[x] Improve category widget
[x] Cutoff text error
[x] Image upload size
[x] add option to disable hover card
[x] tags and category page show 404 if no posts
[x] Add users widget
[x] Add improved icons:
[x] Paragraph in comments
[x] Add [solved] in question title
[x] User page show anonymous when permalink not enabled
[x] Allow filtering page slug
[x] Add basic capabilities to every role


Some troubles with new versions:

– cannot display user page: getting error 404

– cannot download new tag plugin link is broken

– filtering questions by category is cool however getting back to “All Categories” do not work, no questions is found in this category…

still other troubles from previous version:
– toggle fullscreen for answers is not working (“Uncaught ReferenceError: tinyMCE is not defined” @ anspress_site.min.js)
– titles of questions are not displayed (only base page title is shown)

– Save anspress option once.
– Link fixed
– That was a bug just pushed fix, download master branch. both tags and categories
can you give me link to your site ?

saving options do not correct the error 404…
I am modifying completely my website and so I only work locally for now… no web version for the moment

Trouble for user page display came from “User page slug” option that had exactly the same name as “Users page slug”. Setting them different values solved this issue…

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