AnsPress 4.2.0

Today AnsPress version 4.2.0 was released, and with it a number of improvements and updates. In particular, this update addresses a number of bugs and fixes that should make using AnsPress smoother.

Version 4.2.0 comes with the following fixes and updates:

  • Removed usages of HTML in ajax JSON response.
  • Fixed: Syntax_Highlighter button not working.
  • Fixed: error reported by Google structured testing tool.
  • Fixed: Coding standard bugs
  • Update composer and removed addons.php
  • Removed about page
  • Merged all addons settings to feature settings page
  • Fixed bugs in widget
  • Updated all test runners
  • Changed layout of settings page
  • Removed grunt-phplint
  • Updated options menu title to Settings
  • Fixed: Warning: Undefined array key “author_page_title”
  • Fixed: Required parameter $upload_options follows optional parameter $value
  • Fixed: warning __wakeup must be public
  • Fixed: warning Required parameter $event follows optional parameter $user_id

We’d like to thank our community for their continued support and feedback.

Release details


Download source code.

You can also get it using composer or git clone.


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