AnsPress 4.1.2

AnsPress 4.1.2 is released with some exciting features and bug fixes.

We are thinking of improving the email notifications and adding push notifications but we needed an activity feed for that. So we have re-added activity feed which was removed from core because of performance issue. Now you can show activity feeds without sacrificing the site performance. At the moment, the activities given below are shown and more are coming soon.

  1. New question
  2. Edit question
  3. New answer
  4. Edit answer
  5. New comment.
  6. Edit comment.
  7. Post status transitions.
  8. Question featured.
  9. Question closed.
  10. Answer selected.
  11. Answer unselected.

From now on activities will not be stored in the ap_qameta table. In previous version of AnsPress, activity are stored in ap_qameta table as a serialized string and it was hard to search.

A modern and nice looking design was added for activities page. Screenshot of feed can be found below in screenshot section.

A new add-on was added to AnsPress for syntax highlighting. It will add a new button in the visual editor to add inline and block code. This add on uses a popular JS library for highlighting codes, visit project homepage for more information: SyntaxHighlighter.

In previous version of AnsPress we moved comments to the model but due to request from the community we are now showing comments below every posts. Numbers of comments to show can be defined in AnsPress.

Rest of bug fixes and commits can be seen below.

Release details


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You can also get it using composer or git clone.


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New or improved features screenshot.


New actions and filters introduced in this release.


Total 37 Commits


  1. In this release, a bug! Do not upgrade!

    1. Can you be more specific? What is the bug?

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