Show/Hide button to show and hide description in Ask Question Form page

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I want to add the Show/Hide button or link to show the description editor in Ask Question Form page.
I tried to do it at ask.php file but I just find 

<?php ap_ask_form(); ?>

which is it will hide all of the ask form field.
I want only Description editor to hide, like a spoiler link, the description editor will be shown if the user click “add description” link.
How to do it? Which file should I edit?

Answered question

You can use CSS for that purpose.

     display: none;

And then you can toggle this using jQuery.

Edited comment

I have added the CSS code and the Description Editor hidden, but then how to show it with a click?

Can you explain more about jquery? I don’t familiar with it.

Or, can it be done with CSS only like at these link:

I have tried this method as shown on the link above but failed, may you can provide me the correct CSS code

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