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I’m pretty new to WordPress. I’m wanting to have a Q&A Discussion section on my site, but also to replace the default Comments section on each of my blog posts with the ability to post comments within the Q&A board. Ideally, each post would auto-generate a question when someone posts on it (something like “Reaction to _post-name_”).

But I can’t even figure out how to replace the generic WordPress comments section with the ansPress functionality. I’ve read through the support discussion and it looks like it is possible with widgets, but I’m not sure how to set that up.

Can someone help me out?


Anyone have any ideas on this? I’m looking at CM Answers which seems to support this, but I’d rather go AnsPress if I can get this figured out…


Hello Paul,

Yes AnsPress have this functionality but its still pending release. BTW it is Pro version functionality.

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Hi Rahul,

That’s great news. I didn’t know there was a Pro version of anspress. Do you have any sense of timeline for release?

Need any beta testers? I’m going live with my site in several weeks. I’m new to WordPress, but have a background in tech. I was a Product Manager for Oracle for 7 years. Did a lot of testing in my day.



Hello Paul,
I am already running late for AnsPress Pro release. Please get in touch by email [email protected]


Hi Rahul, is this feature is available now?

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