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Hello everyone,

Can someone tell me if it is possible to delete the log and logon button since I do not want to use it, or finally change the url …

Thank you.!!!

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Hi Koke!

You must override the ‘answer-form.php’ file.

  1. create a ‘anspress’ folder in your active theme folder (ex., wp-content/themes/twentyseventeen/anspress)
  2. copy the ‘answer-form.php’ file from the template folder of anspress ( wp-content/plugins/anspress-question-answer/templates ) to the folder created in step 1
  3. edit the file to hide the login buttons. I commented the line 35 that call the function to print the buttons -> ap_get_template_part(‘login-signup’ )

Hope this helps,


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Or simply by overridng login-signup.php and remove all contents of this file. 🙂

Super, Thank you 🙂

Can you explain the simpler override way? Would be great to have this as a settings option since there’s social logins. Or can I change the url the widget’s login goes to to a front end page where a login form is ?

What would be the css for hiding it please?

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