Question Stats Widget – Count Problem

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Hello, I have a problem with the Question Stats Widget. If I have no (0) answer, it show 1 answer.

It seem related to translation file (mine is in french).
So, inside question_stats.php, here are my tests :

_n( ‘%2$s1%3$s answer’, ‘%2$s%1$d%3$s answers’, 0, ‘ap’ ) // return ‘%2$s1%3$s réponse’
_n( ‘%2$s1%3$s answer’, ‘%2$s%1$d%3$s answers’, 1, ‘ap’ ) // return ‘%2$s1%3$s réponse’
_n( ‘%2$s1%3$s answer’, ‘%2$s%1$d%3$s answers’, 2, ‘ap’ ) // return ‘%2$s%1$d%3$s réponses’

In french, the function _n() return singular form even when $ans_count is 0 (supposed to return plurial form)…

Do you have any idea why ?

Thank you! 🙂

Third line is not required.

Are you not using poedit?

yes, i’m using poedit

Will investigate

Do you find something ? You think is related to my poedit export and singular/plurial settings ?