Attachments removed in new version?

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Hi guys,
I am using anspress with askbug, the paid theme. Since I’ve upgraded to the new version my attachments do not work anymore.
I have a custom mime type enabled in functions.php, but the new uploader only works with images. If I upload the file, the script tries to add a screenshot in the content area, and does not offer a direct download for the file.
Is there a way I can re-enable the old version of that code?

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Can you let me see it quick?


Since 4.1.8 uploaded files are not added as attachment by default. If you upload file you have to manually create attachment cpt. This was done done to prevent useless post creation while uploading files. Also to make upload process easier.
While saving file just create a new attachment CPT and set post parent to current question and attachment will appear in question again.

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Hi Rahul,

I’m sorry, but this doesnt help me a bit. Can you please write a step-by-step guide for me? How do I create a new custom post type? Would be great if you could show me an example

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