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Hi i just bought your theme(AskBug) and i have a few problems.
1. Inside a question if you not logged in there is an issue with shortcodes:
2. All of the drop-down menu links on the right popup after you logged in not working and leading to 404 page(Edit Profile,About,Questions, and all other in that menu):
Example on click reputations link:
Aswell i have enabled the extensions which needed:
I have clicked import pages after installed AnsPress Plugin aswell.
3.Notification Popup, on click i receiving this error:
4. How do i add the Facebook login button? (I know to connect the API but i don’t find setting for that in your plugin settings).
Please kindly help me with this issues.
The big problem is i don’t have FTP access because i am working locally.
Thank you,
Waiting for reply.

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How did you solve this? Have similar problem with the “apicon-category” dropdown menu where the bottom link “View all categories” goes to /categories even though the page is called /kategori – Also I have set the right page in the Anspress Options menu. There is more bugs like this where the links dont honor the Anspress options of the right page.

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