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Blank profile page in Askbug with Anspress 4.1.8

When Anspress 4.1.8 has been applied to Askbug 3.1.4, user profile page is changed to a blank one except for cover image. Also, the avatar icon at the top right of screen is gone when 4.1.8 is activated....

January 23, 20182
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edit answer error

In 4.1.5, I'm sure users can edit the answer, however the following error is occurring when users try to edit the answer. Rahul, do you have any idea to fix this?   Warning: Creating default object...

December 18, 20175
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Fixed the error. Thank you so much!

December 18, 20172
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404 in AskBug v3.1.4

In homepage of AskBug, 404 error shows when clicking a page link at the bottom of page. The page link is like¬†   It also occurs in demo page as below:

December 14, 20172
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404 error on email link

In 4.1.3, I'm facing the issue on the broken link in notification email. When new question and answer has been posted, the URL link like "../?p=2502" is generated. If click the link, the page redirects...

November 24, 20172
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I've confirmed that this issue is gone from 4.1.2. Thank you very much!

November 22, 20172
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Answer page loop doesn't work

Hi, I have 2 issues regarding answer page loop on v.4.1.1 when there are more than 6 answers. 1. There in an unwanted "/ (slash)" after "/anspageloop/" as shown below. 2. Even if I changed line 305...

November 17, 20172
July 22, 20170