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@user tagging with BuddyPress + Anspress integration

Hi, Would it be possible to integrate the BuddyPress '@user' tagging feature with Anspress so that a user can tag other users in their questions and answers?

September 26, 20182
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How to allocate user label?

Notice that some users here are labelled with "(buyer)" or with the icon "$" in a circle. How do you set up a role and label like this in anspress?

August 30, 20182
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Buddypress Profile Anspress Integration

Hello, Where can we edit the buddypress profile integration for anspress? finding the Q&A tab needs a bit of help to work with a theme

August 20, 20182
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how to set up onesignal notifications

Hi, how do we set up onesignal notifications to work with anspress? Any documentation / set up guide much appreciated Thank you

May 29, 20182
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Upvote question on 'Questions' page

Hi, Just wondering if there is any appetite to allow users to up-vote questions from the 'Questions' page? Currently users have to go to an individual question and up-vote the question. In some use cases,...

May 23, 20182
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Awesome! Will this make the next update?

May 22, 20182
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Where is the change log for Anspress?

Hi, There doesn't appear to be a change log posted with updates to the anspress plugin. Where can admins find a change log for the plugin?

May 12, 20182
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single question template

Hi,   Just setting up AnsPress and have found that most styling issues can be fixed by changing the template from default to another of my themes page templates.   Would it be possible to...

February 27, 20182
February 27, 201810