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Awesome! The problem solved! But the users displayed 5 users which is not the TOP 5. How can I make it TOP 5 only

August 25, 20182
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AskBug theme bug at home page for the "TOP USER"

Hi Anspress, I face some bug regarding the home page "TOP USER" section. It displays all the user instead of the TOP USER only. website:

August 25, 20182
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August 25, 201810
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OneSignal push notification is ready.

Hi Rahul Aryan, May I know how can I set up the onesignal notification in my website? Any documents or add-on?

August 22, 20185
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Hi Rahul Aryan, I already updated to the latest version which is Version: 4.1.14. But still unable to insert the code with syntax highlighter. Keep refreshing

August 15, 20182
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AskBug Theme not working properly

5. Just some added up, I had disabled the user to insert an image in askbug with the anspress plugin, but user still able to upload images. 6. After updated the wordpress, can't insert any code at all....

August 14, 20185
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I have updated Anspress 4.1.14 with latest theme version. Still unable to insert code. Please help me

August 14, 20182
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AskBug – WordPress theme released

1. After enabled theme my login, my website is forced to use theme my login. I don't want to use theme my login because it doesn't fit my requirement. It keeps appears this and no way to fix it in wordpress-admin-panel...

August 14, 20185
[Bug] Delete Notification doesn't delete the Notification without page refresh

Will check your issue. Give an option to select multiple entries to mark as read or delete. -- Its already exists.

August 14, 201810